“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Friday, September 10, 2010

a note to say...

I want to thank all of you for your support I have here on my blog. I get to write about things that I love and things that interest me and all the while doing so I get to meet new people and learn new things :)

This blog is more than just an online site. For me as I have said before it's somewhat like a small family of just us girls loving and sharing beauty & fashion!

I love all of the posts I see and adore many many blogs but I thought i'd name off a few that I read almost on a daily so that maybe you can nosy on over and enjoy them as I do.

Eva, is so creative. Her photographs are always unique and creative. She is a very sweet girl and has been very helpful to me esp in the past few weeks! If you are not yet an active reader I hope that you take this opportunity to visit her blog :)

Fee, is fantastic! her blog has all of the best sort of products with photos taken in not an everyday sort of way. She goes out of her way and it shows in her posts! She is very kind and has a lot of knowledge to share with everyone!

Emilie, is a very active blogger. Her posts are always filled with OOTD's that will inspire and lately trip photographs that just make you feel like you went right along with her to the places visited. A few months ago she sent me on over to another blogging site that is just great, delancefashion.com! Be sure to check out her blog as well as the other blogging site it's a lot of fun.

Ariel has been one of my favorites since I came into the blogging world. She is very helpful when it comes to making my wish list of products longer. hehe She recently started to make videos on YouTube! I enjoy them very much.

Well I don't want to make this list to long but there are a lot more I love! I plan to share a few with you every week :)

I also recently changed my blog layout. I know it is simple just like the last one I had but I like the clean easy to navigate part of it. I tried to make it not so busy and easier to enjoy in the way of being able to read and enjoy while not getting sidetracked :)I appreciate all your comments on my posts they mean more to me than you know.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! Have fun & be safe!


  1. Great post. I love Ariel's blog too.:)

  2. Yes, i alreadysee your new layout and it is very simple :)
    I love it

  3. Oh wow, thanks so much for mentioning me & feel free to ask me things any time! :) I shall now go and check out the other blogs you mentioned.

  4. aww I have to agree with your first paragraphs.

    Also thanks so much for mentioning me..really lovely :)

    Fee xx

  5. Thank you so much :) xxxx