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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Giveaway: Prada Perfume Set

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Haul: Hard Candy Intense Color

Hej vänner!
Titta vad jag fick under helgen!! Jag kommer att göra en översyn på dem inom ett par veckor eftersom det finns elva och tid kommer att behövas för att ge min ärliga fulla mening.

Har du provat dessa? Tankar tack :)

Site Says: Painted Lady - Manic Shine, Intense Color
A creamy, long lasting lip color leaving no shade unturned. Each piece is a work of art.

Hej Friends!
Look what I got over the weekend. I have seen a lot of reviews on these lipsticks. I was iffy on trying them only because the ribbon does not thrill me nor does the design. I love a more simple sort of packaging sleek and durable. I couldn't pass these up however because they were so incredibly cheep on a sale that if I didn't like them much I could get rid of them and if I did depotting would not be so hard. I will be doing a review on them within the next couple weeks as there is 11 and time will be needed to give my honest full opinion.

Have you tried these? Thoughts please :)