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Monday, September 13, 2010

E.L.F (eyeslipsface) Blushers

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(clockwise) White Highlighter - Gotta Glow, Candid Coral,Peachy Keen, Fuschia Fusion, Mellow Mauve, Tickled Pink
The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow! SEK 42.70

My Thoughts...

Blush is definitely one of my favorite sort of products in my collection. It’s one of those simple items that can make such a big difference to anyone’s complexion. When I placed my last order I planned on getting one of each blusher but with my luck yes I was to slow and 3 of them were already sold out.I own 6 different colors and I can honestly say I love them all aside from 1.

What I like about this E.L.F. blush is that it comes in 9 lovely colors and comes in a very chic compact. There is also a peek - a - boo window at the very top of the front to see what color you are picking if they are stored in a way that you can not read the back tiny sticker! It may be cheap in price, but it's not cheap in quality. I love the silky texture and I found it to be highly pigmented,depending on how much you use... Some of them have to be applied with several layers but I like the fact that most of them are build able. I think a build able product gives you full control so you don't over do your face!

The blushers applied nicely to my face, I use my MAC 187. I just take a swirl of color and dust it over my cheeks in a layer or two :)

I found this blush to be long lasting, which is sort of unusual for me because I powder blushes tend to fad for me quickly because I have oily skin. They last from the early morning hours and still hold on till late afternoon when my day is done and over with. (with the proper facial base) I also love E.L.F Studio blush because it’s a cruelty-free product!

The only bad thing to say about the product is a few of them seem to be a bit chalky. Then again I believe it's all about the weight of the hand. it's something I deal with for the low price. I don't like the glitter in some of them either... I guess that would apply to only those who don't enjoy it. I don't like glitter in my products because I have oily skin and there's no need to add glitter to it!

I would definitely recommend these blushers, it’s a good quality product for a great price.

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  1. preeeeeettyy! i also LOVE those blushes but i only have candid coral and the fusion one.. and i totally forgot to add tickled pink to my cart last time i hauled! :( but i must agree, i think blushes is also one of my favourite products <3 great post!

    ps. i loveee your new layout! the girl in the banner is so captivating! <3

  2. Hey I love all those blushes....Beautiful shades. Great post!!! Nice layout.

  3. I dont have any of these yet but they look really pretty thanks for the review xx

  4. I didn't think to buy ELF blushes, but i'm thinking i will now!! What is the name of the 4th blush from left to right? Thanks for the review sweety! xX

  5. i love blushes too ! they are my fav as well =) i dont own any elf products right now.. but great swatches !

  6. You wrote that you have oily skin. May I ask what kind of primer you use on your face and eyelids? I have oily skin myself, and that has been preventing me from experiencing with makeups.

  7. @PinkOrchids PeachyKeen

    @Sydney I use for my primer face products such as a dramatic firming cream or my Anew Flash Facial!
    I always put them in my FOTD's & they are on their very own in a review post as well :)

  8. are those ELF? the packaging is so cute! Blush is my favorite product to use... those swatches are lovely!

  9. I haven't tried anything from ELF, I just have to


  10. Is it true that this ELF babies are Nars Dupes?