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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review: Stila All Over Glow (Pretty Pink)

$28.00USD + TAX

The products come in a cute decorated book like compact.
It is adorable with the flowers and the pink font :) It snaps itself closed with a concealed magnet for safe keeping.When you open it you see the light pink blusher than when pulling the loose ribbon of to the right you uncover a highlighter. On the top part of the blush that covers the product a mirror is in place for easy applying where ever you may be.

I love the blush. It is a fairly light pink. I love that it is matte! When applying onto the skin I use a bit at a time to build the product to the amount needed. The blusher does come out a bit sheer but like I said it is buildable and it gives a nice natural glow. There is no sparkle or shimmer in this product and I find it to be one of my favorites esp for the colder sort of days :) One bad thing about this product is that it comes off chalky onto my brush but works its way out when swept onto my skin. It blends well and holds color for a long while.

This is deff. a shimmer product, makeup with shimmer! I'm not a big fan of shimmer products and if I use them it's always with a very very light hand. I don't want to put shimmer on oily skin!
I find that you shouldn't use a lot because if you go over board its hard to blend it out. The color is a bit chalky for my taste I don't really like this product I find that it does not apply out on my skin evenly. I don't see myself using this portion of the product in the future. (The photograph of the colors are actually hiding the brightness and sheen on the highlighter, I suggest seeing it in store.)

Depending on the person. Some people love a ton of shimmer for highlight! If so then go for it! Some people like the settle pink blushers, this product has this as well... I know I have seen this for a cheaper price now that it has been out for some time so I would say try it out. I landed up liking one of the two and I know I am happy to have it in my collection. The highlighter is a bit much for me. Read reviews always, watch YouTube videos on the product. It always helps me. Get more than one opinion and always make sure to go check out the product in person because you wouldn't want to go for something you hate or miss out on something that's fantastic for you.

I find it works the job of a highlighting product, "all over glow" It does well to illuminate my cheekbones and add some natural soft color.


  1. the colors are so pretty ! i dont like tons of shimmer though >.<

  2. awesome you should post some looks with it !!!
    love that box!!

  3. Thanks for the lovely awesome review!It looks so pretty!!

  4. that's such a lovely color, thanks for the review!

  5. love stila products! come follow and vote 4 me xxo