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Sunday, September 5, 2010

MSF Favorite: Refined "Sugarsweet Collection"

I own a few Mineralize Skinfinish's and someone asked me on twitter out of all my favorite what MSF I'd choose as my all time favorite. To answer the question I'll create this short post! Please let me know on the comments below your favorite maybe I don't have it and ill end up loving it!:)

Tweet: "I #love Refined :) It makes me #happy!"

So this is a discontinued product, however I thought I would share my thoughts on it since I do use it on most days. The swirled colors in REFINED are coral peach, pinky peach, tan, creamy tan, vanilla.

I apply the MSF with my MAC 187. I lightly dust it all over my face. Across my forehead down my nose my cheeks and chin,and it gives me a nice peachy tan sort of look. It's not really like a bronzer it does not make me look to tan per say but more like adding natural color that I lack.

I'd pick this particular MSF as my favorite because it is not heavy like a bronzer. It is a perfect tone! Refined adds a nice glow to the skin and makes it appear more youthful. That's always a +! Who wouldn't want that!? I think this MSF is perfect for all year long! It gives the summer glow & it gives the warmness to ones face when it's winter time.

I think MAC should bring this color back and make it permanent. Bring it back MAC !! ;)


  1. I love Perfect Topping but Refined is gorgeous, I dont have it though.

  2. @Miss Nikka ...Perfect Topping is my 2nd favorite... it gives a similar effect, although I think refind gives a more natural look :)

  3. Isn't refiend gorgeous? I bought three of these I loved it so much but never used the other two. MSF's last for a while.I have listed the other two on my blog sale.

  4. It looks so pretty! I agree, MAC should bring it back! This may be silly, but what does MSF stand for? XX

  5. MAC "Mineralize SkinFinish" MSF :)

  6. i agree. i love my refined msf :)

    Cotton xx

  7. ooh I should try this! :D

    thanks for sharing!


  8. This is such a pretty color! Would love to try it but sadly its discontinued...
    Thanks for sharing though ;)

  9. Love the color, I hate it when people overdose on bronzer... its like "Hello? Are you a trashy guido?". I love the idea of lightly dusting it ! I will try it !

    Care to follow me back ?


    Alice H

  10. ^ yes I think dusting** is the key for me I don't like to slather on any kind of product! hehe

  11. Refine MSF is gorgeous! My new love for MSF is COMFORT from the In the groove collection! I also love Perfect topping! I've had it over a year and bearly touched it! didnt wanna waste the producthahah :p

  12. it looks really pretty! I'm using a Clinique bronzer that's also really great for that finishing touch! :)

    Jennifer & Sherry

  13. This one looks sooo pretty! I like Soft & Gentle, Petticoat & Stereo Rose!