“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cosmopolitan October 2010

I don't always love the covers of my magazines seems I always have something to say of dislike towards them but !!... Lauren Conrad Love her. She is so pretty and stylish! Love the cover this month :)

Well Fall is here and I'm starting to see "layers" everywhere. I was excited to see them in this month's issue in the most put together way.

Phew! That was a close one ladies! Thank god for our monthly issues ey? hehe

^^ oki mm do these guys fall under the "right guy" read above? ;)

This look stood out to me more than any other in the entire magazine! I love the eyes, hair, and cute top! Gorgeous :)

^ Thanks Cosmo... in case we didn't know :)
I loved this issue I'm still reading most of it I've been on the go these past few days so it's been nice company on my down moments :)


  1. I love lauren conrad as well, she look stunning ont he cover...esp her dress!!!


  2. i <3 lauren conrad as well!!

    i always enjoyed reading your blog.. i tagged you with an award on my blog =D

  3. 1) I love everything about your new layout!!! and 2) I love everything about L.C.!
    xoxo, Mary

  4. @Siwing

    Thankyou hun that means a lot to me really! Your blog is awesome as well.... I'm so glad I have met people like you here in the beauty blog community!

    @Make Up nonsense

    Thanks, I changed it about 385973508295 the day after I asked everyone and 99/100 said they didn't like my layout. I want to make my blog enjoyable to everyone!