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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How To: Coffee Skin Revitalizer

"Exfoliates very well and the caffeine seeps into your skin and makes you feel awake and not jittery. It does not stain and adding the honey will moisturize your skin."


  • Coffee grinds
  • Honey (optional, but recommended for dry/sensitive skin types.)

How to prepare:
Take about 1/4 cup of coffee grinds or use whatever is left from the morning brew. Add just enough honey to create a blendable scrub, a few drops should be enough.

Apply all over body and face scrubbing in circular motions. I reccommend using immediately after mixing before the grinds and honey melt together. Always moisturize after this treatment.

"I love this trick because it is fairly easy for me! I drink coffee on a daily and the grinds from the pot after my  coffee are always there for me to use!"

I feel refreshed, my skin is smooth. Great for fatigue or dreary mornings. Use decaf at night.


  1. wow this sounds amazing I'm going to try it thanks

  2. Oh! Anything that'll make me feel awake, I'm willing to try. Let's go!

  3. thats a nice tip,i will try this for myself i dont have coffee at home,have to buy next time.
    very thoughtful...

  4. That's a great tip and it works very well, too!
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    Thanks a lot and have a great day.

  5. I will try this out!
    I love coffee & especilly the aroma of it.
    mmm... yumm...
    Thanks for the tip!
    If I don't use decaf at night, will it keep me up?

  6. I tried this yesterday and it works AH-MAZE-ING! :D No seriously, my skin was so soft when I took it of ...And I still can't believe how easy to make this scrub is...Would you recommend doing this on a daily basis? I didn't use the Coffee grinds, that you can buy, but freshly grinded coffee beans that are more abrasive I guess. So I'm not really sure if it wouldn't be too much for my skin ?


  7. This is a really great exfoliator, only downside is that I am only an occasional coffee drinker lol. I do keep the grinds in a jar for that weekly treat..

  8. That is a great tip.. i am going to try it

  9. Your plumber will love you when it plugs up your pipes.