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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Glamour Magazine: October Issue 2010

Cute cover! Love the black white and pink :) Its kind of playful and fun! The last cover was sort of serious and I hated the animal print.

Well its not the 400+ pages like the last issue but still a lot of great things to read and see!

I love to try new skincare products! I'm sick over them really! I have so many, but I do use them. I like to see the change it gives you upon your skin! I wonder if this will work in any sort of way? Nice of them to include a "small" sample :)

I happen to love this foundation. I know a lot of people don't like it, but it gives me a clean smooth finish and does not weigh down on me like frosting! ew. + the sleek packaging is always a plus!

Glamour Says: 1) To count candy corn as a vegetable. 2) To have your first "I love you" to him be an accident "Love you, bye!" 3) Not to buy soap, jelly beans, batteries and shampoo! you don't need just so you don't walk up to the counter holding only a pregnancy test. The checkout guy is not going to call your mother. 4) To high-five a complete stranger who's wearing your team's gear! 5)To hate the word "manscaping" but insist on it all the same. 6) to believe in ghosts, gremlins and alien abductions, if only to explain the mysterious disappearance of your 527th black umbrella.

Jennifer's makeup is done very well in this photograph. I like it a lot, I think it would work well for a night out. I may try to re create this. Look out for that post in the future ;)

Did you miss last month's issue?! See it in a previous post below!
Glamour Magazine: September Issue 2010


  1. i love the color too !! black, pink, white = love <3

  2. I agree that last month's cover was too serious and I didn't like the animal print at all.



  3. Agree. Black/White and pink are very cute.

  4. Why is it that a lot of mags right now are that thick. Im not complaining. Love the samples! And j.lo's makeup is gorgeous!

  5. I think maybe they are trying to get more readers. I think the internet has taken a chunk of monthly readers. People like instant news and fashion tips. Its easier to click on a link and get it rather then buy the magazine and look through it only monthly.

    However... I enjoy it. it is a real treat for me :)I think being able to have the magazine in your hands is great. I sit with my tea or coffee put my glasses on and just get lost. Wonderful moments.

  6. On the cover of the French Glamour October Issue, it's Eva Mendes :)