“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flip Book: Express Magazine

I got this magazine in the post on Friday! I had planned on going to express this weekend but didn't make it. The photographs in this flip book are just gorgeous! Beautiful pieces showcased with high quality gloss photos! Page after page I found myself wanting more then enough items. I shop a lot online and I ordered some of the items from the book as well as from the website. There is a lot of new items in because of the changing seasons of course! I thought sharing this would help you all be aware of the great fashion express has to offer. Please know this is not a paid post or I was not given free items. I am just sharing one of my favorite places to shop with you! :)
Keep in mind this is not every single page I only took a few pictures of what stood out to me!

Not only are the items to die for but the makeup and hair is very nicely done! Wouldn't you agree?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Makeup Vanity Collection&Storage

MAKEUP VANITY SETUP  *old update coming soon!!!

Occasional table, white

I love seeing everyone's setup and collection! I am going to share with you how my setup looks and the storage pieces only on the top of my vanity.... We will all see the drawers and whats stored on the wall real soon!. I'll be uploading a video within the next week or two to show what's inside!! A video seems easier or else i'd find myself needed to upload a ton of photographs! Look out for the upcoming video friends :)

P.S. I would love to see your setup so if you have one posted please link me below. Thanks Have a lovely Sunday night :)

Lovely glass rose that my mum gave me I put it right on top of my 4 drawer mirror storage :) Thanks mum!
I love the mirror pieces I have on my vanity I think they are stylish and hide within the unexpected all the while looking sleek & classy.
There are random bits and pieces... but some great things hidden within this space. 
Oh &&& I love NARS packaging most people hate it but I like the uniqueness of it. The little crystals surrounding are from the gem show I went to a few weeks ago with my sister and some friends. I think they are pretty. One is even shaped like a heart <3 Strobe cream is to the back right hand corner I'm trying to still yet decide if I like this on my skin or not? hmm
MAC Beauty Powders & MSF'S, yes please! I keep them all in safe keeping right on top of my desk in my mirror treasure box so they can  be showcased as they should be lid opened or closed!

.. du do duuu a peek inside the top drawer?
I'm keen on the idea of storage for everyday items to apply such as Cotton pads and Foundation touch up sponges. I placed them in these glass jars found at my nearest bed bath & beyond. I also leave one of my juicy tubes in there because while sitting at my computer I seem to apply it often and these jars are just to the left of my screen :) so I have easy access this way! ;)
I love the packaging and quality of Rock & Republic! ... the collection just grew and grew and ... grew! I hope to get some of the blushers soon as of now I only have shadows and face powders. 

As far as foundation... I find myself more willing to try different sort of brands no matter the price. I've been using this Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua SPF 15 foundation for about a month now and I love it. My skin has been dryer due to the chaining seasons but yet more so clear because of the hot days leaving. This is a very sheer foundation yet evens out my skin tone perfectly. It's light weight and makes my skin look smooth and flawless no lines or visible skin imperfections. This always makes it's way to the top of my vanity during the week days.

Oh! Not to forget these firefly jars! I have some of my favorite powders in them. They are at the end of my vanity/desk to the right of my computer.  the lid catches product and protects the product inside them swirling my brush in the lid seems to pick up just enough rather then placing my applicator into a pile of product. I think they look nice. Always looking for new ways to store products!
These beads happen to be the colors of this beauty room :) My starting point!

I love storage that is mirrored this clinique palette is camo next to it very cute! I have on top of my my desk mirror.

I really want a set of sigma brushes but have not got a chance to buy myself a set yet. I plan to get some in the near future but AI'm happy now with the few good brushes I have :) I have a MAC brush belt that they are all in this is wrapped around my vanity hair on the back. I think it a swell place for it.

***Well I think that's it! I have a giant "&" on my desk but other then that it's just my computer :) hehe Hope you like my vanity top! Oh! the giant mirror on the wall is lovely! I don't know how I ever went without it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


"Loving myself heals my life" 
- Viviana Martin


I got this palette as a gift from a friend at work. I was surprised to see it at my desk when I arrived in office. How sweet of her yes? :) I tweeted of it and a lot of people responded with wanting to see photos. I will be posting a review of it real soon. Its gorgeous and the color names are the following below.

Eye Shadow: BELIEVE
Eye Shadow: STRENGTH
Eye Shadow: SUPPORT
Eye Shadow: COURAGE
Bronzing Color: RIBBON
Blush: PINK