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Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Site Says:

No chance to shine with Stay Matte Powder. Goes on smooth to even out skin tone. Offers a natural, matte finish. You won't go out without it!

It is a bit light in weight, I don't like that. Feels as if I dropped it it would shatter.
The cover lid is made of plastic like the base and it is not of great quality. I like the fact that it is simple,
and clear and the top to view the color. All the information needed as well is on the package front or back. no need to use google for this one girls.

The powder is amazing. It is packed fairly well. I get a lot of product in one swoop of the brush
enough to cover my face. On extra hot days I apply it under my foundation and again on top.
It is not at all messy which is fairly nice for a powder. Another great thing is that it does not make my foundation look thick looking as if its cake, eww. None of us want that right ladies!

When applying I use a powder brush or kabuki depending on the amount I want one my face. I have the transparent color so it links well with my own skin color looking natural and as if I don't have oily skin as well. It blocks the shine as it claims and I'm going to say it has perfect application as far as a matte powder is concerned.

Ive been looking for a great powder to mattify my skin for some time. As you all know my skin gets oily and  I have tried a lot of different things to keep it away and controlled. This product is cheap and does the job! I would deff. recommend this to a friend with similar skin as mine.

3 Shades Available:
Silky Beige, Sandstorm, Transparent.
I own Transparent being that the other tones were to dark and made my complexion look a bit off, so my review is based on the color owned :) It does come off a lot darker in the photograph above than it really is. You will have to go in your drugstore to view the color in a proper way.


  1. wow! thanx for the review! I have heard so much about it and didn't know if it really works. Will definitely be purchasing it :)


  2. i have been using this for almost a year now and i loveeee it! I also own transparent and i totally agree with what you say :D cant leave the house without putting it on.. and recently, i discovered that on lazy minimal makeup days, just a layer of this without foundation or anything also helps make my skin look more even! yay! :D great review!

  3. I have this in silky beige and it's one of my favourite pressed powders

  4. Great review.. Ive actually been eyeing this at the store for a while now...

  5. thanks for the great review! i was debating whether to buy this or not last week.
    i think i might go back and buy one and give it a shot. i've been looking for a grea powder to use :)


  6. I must try this product thanks for the review :)



  7. I've been wanting to try this for a while, but I rarely change powders since my skin is miss picky, but I always pass this at the store and think about getting it. I use physicians formula pressed powder talc free in translucent and it works great for me. I guess thats why I havn't changed it in 7 years!

    Great review! I may have to try it out.

  8. i really need some shine control! thanks for shareing this was helpful :)

  9. This is a great powder! I have transparent too but it doesnt come out transparent, it was too light for me. And the packaging sucks because overtime it wont keep shut. :(

  10. :/ That's not good at all! & I was so happy because it is perfect for my skin tone! Perhaps ill have to depot it and put it in another compact or something!

    I agree the packaging fails.