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Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Hypershine Gloss

Site Says:
Hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Smoothes lips on contact with a conditioning shine that lasts for hours. Create that natural lip stain of color that's sheer, subtle and beautiful!

The container is a tube like shape with a lip brush at the very tip top. It has a lid over it to keep
yucky sorts from getting in. It is made of plastic and it is a clear bottle easy for viewing the
right color to apply.

Application & Texture:
You twist the gloss from the bottom portion and product slides out right onto your brush. You control
how much comes out and a little goes a long way! I always get an even application. The only bad thing
to mention about the item is that it tends to get really sticky, some people hate that! I don't mind it, product in this formulation seem to last me a lot longer.

This gloss is fantastic to apply to dry lips. It locks in moisture and helps my lips feel not so dry.
For such a low price I think think this is a high quality feature.

Some are creamy like colors others have bits of reflex gold in color. Some are more sheer and some are
very pigmented! You can buy these online at eyeslipsface.com or where I placed my order eyeslipsface.se
I believe there are a ton of different sites as well for different countries :) I understand Target now carries elf products, I'm sure that makes it convenient for people who don't want to do the online order.


  1. soo many lipglosses.. haha i think all girls who loves make up have too many lipgloss :D xoxo
    nice review! :)

  2. i've been looking for that baby pink color on the 3rd to the left for a long time at my target and I can't find it anywhere!

  3. They looks so pretty! You have so many of them. Thanks for the review. I love ELF!

  4. omg omg omg omg omg PLEASEEEE swatch these! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEE.