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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Review: Sexy Hair Healthy Pumpkin Whipped Souffle

Price: $21.00

Website: SexyHair.com

Well I tend to use this product when the weather is trying to defeat my everyday hair. Once in a while my hair will get very dry and seem a bit frizzy. I take only a little bit of the product and it works it's magic. My hair looks healthy right afterwards it provides nourishment to my hair just as it says it will. I notice if the light is in the right place my hair carries a nice shine but not over the top. I like that it is not an oily product being that I have oily hair if I use the wrong items.

It comes in a 125ml pot. (4fl. oz) It is a thick plastic and the lit pops open from the tip top. The colors are white, brown, and orange. Being that it is of the "pumpkin" source it's nice that it is a bit themed. I like the pot however a tube form would be nice as well. Directions and ingredients are listed on the back hand of the pot as well as contact/company information!

Texture & Application: 
The souffle is a sort of paste that is not thick yet not light. It reminds me of the cream from the pumpkin pie during the holiday seasons. It applies very easily and the hair just soaks it up. It is very smooth and creamy. The color is a very light orange color almost peach in color really. It has a pearl like sheen over the mixture and is very very moisturizing!

It smells of fall. It has a pumpkin smell to it, with a hint of spice. When you open the pot it is a bit stronger than the everyday product but when applied to the hair the smell is there just faintly. I don't enjoy products with a heavy smell. When I opened the product I was a bit worried but after trying it out I grew to love it. Keep in mind you only need a small part of it. I lightly swoop it with one finger and it covers all of my hair.


  1. I love this stuff. I have used it non-stop in the last couple of years. I love the pumpkin/cinamon fall scent of it.

  2. oh i must try this!! I love the sexy hair products :)



  3. Ahhhh I SO need this! My hair is frizzy at feck lately. Mainly because I've been using sea salt spray like everyday, eugh. xx

  4. can you please tell me where you got this!

    thanks :)

    Please comment back on my site


    ..if you go to the site, you can find where it's sold close to you. I know you can find this in all sorts of places.