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Saturday, March 26, 2011

How To: Pineapple Facial Mask

Pineapple Skin Benefits
Rich with vitamins 
Skin friendly enzyme called Bromeliad
Exfoliates, lifts dirt and dead skin cells
Hydrates and is also known to reduce age spots & fine lines 
Gives Soft skin 
Heard to reduce acne

Coconut Milk,Sugar&Pineapple Facial Mask
3 fresh Pineapple slices
2 tablespoons Coconut milk
1 Pinch of Sugar

Place all ingredients in a food processor and mix them until you have a creamy like substance. Swipe the mixed ingredients gently and equally with your clean fingertips upon your face. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes Avoid the eye area!Wash off with warm water followed with a splash of cold; pat your skin dry with a clean towel. For added moister apply a moisturizer, this will "seal" your skin to keep the water inside.

I used this mixture on my own skin. It has been my own test creation after a long time of none thanks to a friend that requested this specific fruit to become a mask. Dina ;)  I found all the benefits given above to react as told my own skin. I don't have troubled skin s far as acne but I was having trouble with dry skin due to the changing seasons and this helped clear it up and smooth out my skin. Every application left my skin feeling clean and refreshed and I just loved the softness it gave. Enjoy!

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Congrats to my winner! I will be in contact with you to give you your prize! Thank you to everyone who participated and remember there is still one other active giveaway on my blog! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rouche Lookbook: The Art of Detail

RUCHE is a modern women's boutique with a vintage touch. We try to find items that are new, in-style, trendy, yet still inspired by a vintage look. We handpick each product to give you the perfect selection of clothing, accessories and more. When you visit shopruche.com, we want you to enter a feeling of comfort and nostalgia. We can only hope that you enjoy your visit every time.

You will find our items reasonably priced. RUCHE believes that you don't have to empty out your pocketbooks to look good. We carry various small boutique brands. Chances are you probably won't find yourself matching with the girl next door.

RUCHE is solely an online-based boutique. We are based in sunny California, USA, but we ship to almost anywhere around the world.


My Thoughts ....Ruche always delivers.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

NARS: Illuminators Spring 2011


NARS Illuminators Collection For Spring 2011

Renay: Nars has released the Spring 2011 lineup and I must say I don't think anyone should go without at least one this summer season or any other time at that. Continue reading for more details. They're all available in stores now. I plan to pick these up over the weekend and display them with full review soon! Have any of you had a chance to get them?!

NARS Illuminators light the skin from within. A collection of light-reflecting liquids that glide on to refresh and enhance the complexion to create a shimmering incandescence.

Copacabana Like its namesake Multiple, Copacabana Illuminator will impart a pearlescent sheen and can be applied all over the face, mixed with foundation, and used to highlight the neck, shoulders and décolleté.

Super Orgasm Infused, like the blush, with golden shimmer and a peachy-gold hue that can be applied all over the face, mixed with foundation, and used to highlight the neck, shoulders and décolleté.

Laguna A golden-bronze hue, just as in Laguna Bronzer, that will give a sun-kissed glow and can be applied to the face or mixed with foundation.  

Ingredients include * Polar Berries, known for their antioxidant properties * Bisabolol, known as an anti-inflammatory (obtained from the Chamomile plant) * Indian Frankincense, known for its soothing and comforting properties * Vitamin B5 to, known to condition skin * Sodium Hyaluronate, known to hydrate skin