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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Review: Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick

(Left - Right) Wink, Pink Sunset,Posy Pink, Sheer Naturale, Canela Nacar, Blonde Ambition

$6.50 - $12.00

Depending on the color and line you are picking from it varies.
The regular Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks apply evenly and pigmented as you can see from the photograph. Each swatch was only one swipe across. The two lighter ones are actually tinted plumper's. They are sheer yet buildable and do leave color upon the lips. I think Avon Lipstick's are very under rated!

I think the packaging is pretty sleek. They always keep it simple.They have a label at the very bottom with the color and brand name. The sticker is at most times the shade of the lip color. Inside they are embossed with the AVON Plate. They carry a good weight to them as well.

Texture & Application:
The texture for all lipsticks I have tried by Avon have been smooth and creamy. They apply very easily. With only a bit of product you can cover your lips. They last a few hours depending on what you are doing throughout the day. They have never gave me problems. I have never seen them bleed with or without liner. None of the above lipsticks are matte or hold sparkle, they are just a nice creamy color. They look gorgeous when you add a gloss over them, they don't seem to streak on the lips.

Extra Supplies Required?
These lipsticks are very moisturizing on my lips. Sometimes I throw a balm on underneath if the weather requires it but otherwise they are fine all on their own!

This review was based upon my experience of AVON Lipstick's. I choose only 6 colors to focus more on my favorite shades by the brand. I will also say if you plan on trying the lipstick I hope that you will check into the lip conditioner they have within the line, it is amazing :) Hope this was helpful!


  1. I think Avon in general is pretty underated.

    For the price, it does have some of the best lippies, polishes, and shadows out there.

    But thanks for the review. I've been contemplating getting Wink for a while... now it seems like it would be too cool-toned for my skin.

  2. I think Avon makes really awesome lipsticks!!!

  3. All the colors look so pretty! Thanks for the review. I love moisturizing lipsticks!

  4. i love the 5th shade in the pic.nice collection.....