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Friday, September 3, 2010

HAUL: Color Inspiration

As you all know if you follow my twitter @RenayShanel I got a package yesterday and the previous day filled with Color inspiration! You see I keep a journal filled with swatches, lists of cosmetics or beauty products I want to try. I take clippings from my magazines of fashion or color of cosmetics or any other thing and place them in there for reflection. I find it beneficial to go back and get inspired by well myself and what catches my eye in everyday life.

I love pink! I had to get the pink pens! I'm really picky when it comes to pens. They have to have a fine line no goopy ink or thick lines for me please. They also have to catch my eye in the way of presentation & come on! They are pink need I say more?! I love them by the way ;)

I often doodle along the edges and add notes so what better way then with the coolest markers on all the planet! They each carry their own unique scent. When I was in grade school I had these in my class room. During the time we would color our Picasso's I would sit there and smell them because they smelt SO good! When I saw these online it made me so excited and I had to get them! I ordered 2 boxes! I love them I know I'm going to use these a lot in my journal! Plus my pages will smell so good!

I believe the pencils will work well for drawings I do of fashion pieces I create or maybe just a fill in of a spread.


  1. Ohh I love the smelly markers:) I love coloring books it's so relaxing and i'm super OCD about my crayons they have to be not broken. I always stock up during the back to school season. My husband thinks i'm a child LOL but he colors with me too sometimes. I'm super anal about pens too I only buy the "TUL" brand from office max it's an inky pen w/ a fine line. Thanks for sharing your colorful haul :)



  2. You've been given the Sunshine Award!
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  3. you are quite the artist arent ya? ;D
    the pens are lovely

  4. ooooh pink pens ! hehe. lovely haul !! i always love reading blogs that are not just beauty related, but more on a personal level.. get to know the girl behind the beauty blog =D