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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spread: Sunset Swim

Pulled By: RenayShanel

So I have been buying a lot of different styles of swim wear this year but I can't seem to make my mind up. I bought one similar to the one above and just love it. I guess I go for the swimsuits with the "tie" features :) I find that the bathing suits with cute details catch my eye. My recent bathing suit has the cross feature in front as well like the one shown and the ties are present on the bottoms. Where have you been finding your swim wear?! I have so many but you can never have enough! Maybe there is a specific company or store you like to get them from!? Thanks x

Below I posted a few pictures of the beach in Miami Florida taken by me! I love to look at them and this post reminded me of Miami so here you go x


  1. I like the photos, serene and relaxing!:D

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  2. Gorgeous pictures Renay. I'd love to go to Florida one of these days.

  3. The pictures look amazingggggg! i am going on a cruise late august to the mexico area... hope to see some awesome sights like these <3

  4. Those pictures are amazing! I want to go to florida, it looks beautiful! xx