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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

e.l.f Lip Stain Review

Colors (Left to Right) First Date, Birthday Suit, Heartbreaker, Mysterious, Bombshell

Site Says: Apply the Stain to bare lips and allow to dry for a matte finish. Apply the clear gloss on top of the color for a shiny effect and to moisturize the lips if needed. Remove with any oil or cream based makeup remover or cleanser.

The way I apply the product is in the following order:
Lip balm

The directions say to apply the first layer first then let it have a bit to dry. I waited a whole 5 minutes it didn't dry. So applying a second coat of stain was difficult. The gloss is not sticky at all and can be wiped off easily, this is not ideal for me being that Starbucks touches my lips throughout the day.The color for me lasts about 1 hour at the most. (If I don't talk a lot, eat or drink anything!) I love the colors but it is not long wearing. The stain applies creamy but then sinks in your lips quickly like a stain should but dries out your lips quickly as well :( The first time trying out the product I wore the stain without a lip balm and it made my lips so badly dry.I'm saying there is maybe a flaw in the formulation since it does not hold the standards of a "stain" lip color?! The clear gloss is nice but I don't use clear gloss all to often. Perhaps I can tag it along to the gym.

I love the packaging reminds me a bit of NARS. Each side comes with a sponge like applicator.

I don't think I will buy the lip stains in the future which is a shame. I was exciting about them when I saw the colors esp the Bright pink one but they turned out horrid really.Unless you don't mind applying every hour this is not for you. I fancy something a bit more long wearing esp when I am at work or a special event. I don't want to be completely negative so I think I'll add to this that I might just wear these if I have to run to the market for a quick buy, not for anything that will take to long.

Have any of you tried these?! What are your thoughts?!
Perhaps someone has an idea how I can make them last longer, I really am sad they did not work out for me :(

Cute Packaging
Vibrant Colors

Not Long Lasting


  1. U___U too bad! I like the packaging too. pretty sleek and simple..
    first date and birthday suit's shades look great though..

  2. All the colors you got are pretty! I dont like wearing lip stuff coz they dont last long on me at all. Im only a lip balm lover.

  3. Thats a shame because they look really pretty colours. I hate products that dry my lips out x

  4. Thanks for the review sweetie - think I'll steer clear it they're drying and and not long lasting!!!

  5. elf is a bit hit and miss for me - sometimes I discover a really amazing product and then sometimes their stuff is just terrible... I guess knowing that it only cost £1.50 softens the blow... lol

    Sami xx

  6. The colours look so pretty and thanks for the review!really helpful!

  7. thanks for the review
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  8. thats so annoying that it doesnt last!

  9. Great review!
    The nude colors look really pretty, so it’s a shame that they don’t last long.

  10. So do not last?
    I do not like to be retouched every 15 minutes ...
    but the colors are beautiful

  11. The colors look nice but no staying power is a turn off. I've never purchased ELF products before.

  12. great review..I dont like any of the ELF products think its very over rated! heard the brushes are good thou.. x

  13. iave actually tried one of these from elf in colour first date...it didnt last for long but colour pay off is okay.

  14. I really like my lip stain from ELF. I bought Lucky Lady which is a pinkish-mauve color and I thought it suited my skin tone really well. For me, it seemed like it lasted a while and the dryness on my lips went away after I applied a coat of the gloss to it. I thought it was really pretty and found it cool that I didn't need to touch up my lips for a while.