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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Satin Deluxe Shadows Review

Sandstorm - Satin Deluxe

Plum Pair - Satin Deluxe

Chocolate Cherry - Satin Deluxe

Moody Blues - Satin Deluxe

Grey Matters - Satin Deluxe

First off I got these from a source you wouldnt think of. Avon! I got them a long while back and ive been meaning to speak of them for some time now. I looked on the website and they can't be found. If you google them you can find them from various sites like ebay and amazon :)

I love how easy these colors are to work with.I own every color they have to offer. When I bought them I liked them so much I went and bought backups before they were all gone. They blend very well and they aren't overpowering on my eyes. They are good quality Shadows you can tell by the pigmentation they hold and the formulation. They are not at all chalky and they go on smooth as butter.

They last all day if I use a good primer base. My mornings start at 4am everyday and end between 6pm 8:30pm. Thats the time I get home and they are still on not as colorful but still there. There has never been no need to touch up while wearing them.

The swatches above are from one swipe of the finger. They have a bit of shine to them when you put them on but no glitter, which is good being that I'm not to big on the glitter ways. The packaging is sleek and I like how they have a clear top so I can see the color. All in all I give these shadows ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Stars out of 5. I'm very glad I got them.


  1. These look real pigmented. Thanks for the great swatches!

  2. Great swatches! These look very pretty :)

  3. Love these. They look very pretty

  4. gorgeous colors!! I'm tempted to go out and buy these myself now :)

  5. I love the chocolate cherry color.=)
    inexpensive but great eyeshadows are <3!
    I don't own any avon stuffs at the moment.
    in2it makes good eyeshadows too..(in my humble opinion..hehe)

  6. They look really pigmented and smooth!

  7. wow.. these look pigmented :)

  8. Hmm.... lke this pallets:)
    Like this blog !!
    Thanks so much for comment !

  9. What a great little find! I'm not keen on Avon but these look really good! xxx