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Monday, July 26, 2010

Review: NutriMinC RE9

"I was not paid to do this review, I bought all items with my own money! The review is based on my opinion and mine only!"

Last month I held a 24hr giveaway and included a 7pc Sample Pack of NutriMin C Products. The samples themselves are very precious they sell on ebay for like $20.00!! I had a set of samples for my winner and a set for myself. I landed up loving the products!! I bought a few of the items I use most often. They are kind of pricey but if you really are a skin junkie like me then you'll love them as well.

Site Information:
They carry many different kinds of products such as, repair, rebulid, correction, aging, & so on. They also have a line for men. visit the website to see more! arbonne.com

REality SPF 8, Day Créme
Site Says: Protects, moisturizes and visibly firms. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making beautiful skin a daily REality with key RE9® elements that strengthen, firm and protect.
1.5 fl. oz./44.36 mL, #373; $49.50

REversing Gelée, Transforming Lift
Site Says: Blended with a stable form of vitamin C, this skin tightening formula is readily absorbed into the skin and helps support collagen, elastin and ground substance. Use this formula in the morning or on a special occasion for giving skin a temporary “lift.”
1.5 fl. oz./44.36 mL, #379; $45.50

REcover, Night Créme
Site Says: Formulated to deliver targeted protection against transdermal water loss, this advanced facial moisturizer visibly strengthens, firms and encourages recovery while you sleep.
1.0 oz./28.35 g, #376; $79

My Thoughts:

REcover, Night Créme
I Think : I love this product! The texture is very much the same as a whipped creamy butter. It holds the color of a soft baby type of yellow. The smell is almost not there but smells of crushed almonds to me. (actually one of the ingredients used in the formulation.) when you apply it on your face it blends well and sinks into the skin as if it were silk. It is very moisturizing! I have found that the product used with the others has helped firm and tone my skin. When I wake up in the morning my skin is still soft and is not oily, not even a tad bit. <-- I have very oily skin!! :(


REality SPF 8, Day Créme
I Think :Another product that I just fell in love with within my sample pack! It smells slightly like oranges! Sweet and yummy! Not an overpowering smell, you can only really tell by smelling it fairly close. It blends well into the skin and stays a bit moist for a few minutes allowing me to use it as the base to my makeup. It keeps my skin smooth throughout the day and I noticed my lines seem to be filled and my makeup looks a lot more even. A little goes a long way and one pump covers my entire face :)

REversing Gelée, Transforming Lift
I Think :Yes... it smells of oranges as well :) The product does as it says it makes my face feel a bit tight (not in a horrid way) It gives a temporary lift to my face. It is a bit oily I thought it would carry the same texture as my "ANEW REJUVENATE Flash Facial Revitalizing Concentrate". Its a bit thicker but sinks into the skin fairly well. I find putting a Moisturizer over it helps with the oily feeling. It reminds me of a toner. It's a bit funny until the cherry on top is added. It is a jell like substance not like the "Day creme: in the photograph. It is like a milky sort of water. Overall I love the item and I don't regret it in any way.

I Think :All the products I currently own and as you can see come in a very sleek packaging. The Autumn Orange is very nice. It has the Company name, Product & amount on front. On the back it displays the product name as well as the usage instructions, Item number, contact info, and ofc "please recycle"

The lids of all products are a metal base not shiny but in matte form. They have a gold color and all lids fasten well to the product keeping out the unwanted, and keeping in your product. They scream high quality.

Have any of you tried these products or any of their others!? Ill be buying more backups of these products as well as more of their other products! I will use them as long as the brand stays alive and the quality stays true.


  1. woah... wish i could try it too (^_^)

  2. they all looked really good! nice sleek packaging too!

  3. I will have to try the transforming lift. I'm a little afraid of the oily feeling because I have very oily skin already, but I need something to lift!!