“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Monday, July 19, 2010

Special Find: Jewelry Holder

Today I went to the market and there was this darling little shop next door that I always see and never go into. Today I thought id take a show inside :) & good thing I did,I found this jewelry holder! I love it there was all sorts of designs. I decided to get this one being it was simple and matched everything I've had so nicely. I love the little pearl detail on all the ends! So pretty :)

I have a box I keep all my rings in and I think this is where their new home will be. I hang my necklaces on the wall so no need for them to be put here. I'll enjoy seeing this everyday.

What do all of you do with your jewelry?! Do you have somewhere special for it or you just tuck it away in a box like me!? I found special places for all my different kinds of jewelry expect for my rings so now I'm thrilled they are not in hiding. Such an elegant way to show them off :) I'm very happy with my find.


  1. I use a coat hanger to display all my jewelry :S can't find one of these jewelry holder anywhere that cost less than $5. Still trying tho


  2. This is a really pretty jewelery holder, I really like its simplicity. It's very chic and classy!!

  3. This is so pretty, i need to find some nice things to put my jewelry on soon. I have most tucked away out of reach as my 2 year old likes to make a grab for everything at the moment x

  4. This is so pretty =)
    I love it**

  5. It's really cute.. ^_^ I hope I find one like that here..

  6. So Pretty. I Love This

  7. OhMyGwad..these things are available every where in my country...
    you can get it at the mall, kiosk, flea market, online..get what i mean..lol

    this one is pretty, with the pearls :D