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Friday, July 2, 2010

Discovery: ONLY

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Recently I have got a company brought to my attention with beautiful pieces! (Thanks to Emilie Delance) I'm head over heels right now and and plan to be a customer for as long as forever. Below I have post a few photographs from the site to show you some of the garments from the 2010 collection. You can look at all of them by visiting ONLY

The first that caught my eye straight away was this photograph here!(above) The coat has lovely detail and great color for the days of now. Notice how the detail not only goes straight down the middle but also around the cuffs and collar as well! I can probably say this is one of my favorite! What have you saw on the ONLY site that has become a fav in your eyes?!

Now take a look at these ... are you awed!? Of coarse you are. Notice the blazers rolled cuff. Simply things like this I believe truly take any outfit over the top and make it stunning. Your already starting with a classic piece here and now look it speaks for itself :)

Please take time to visit the site you wont be disappointed! I sure wasn't x They carry all sorts of clothing and accsesories as well.

side note:I was not paid to post this nor am I affiliated with this company. This is a post made all on my own with my own opinions.


  1. That blazer is really cute, I agree it's the simple things that make a piece amazing! Thanks for sharing :) xxxx

  2. just given you a blog award http://bucketofkisses.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-love-your-blog-award-goes-to.html

  3. These look great!Thanks for discovering!:)

  4. Love Love Love this post ^^,

  5. cute alice in wonderland shirts! :D

    <3, Mimi