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Friday, July 16, 2010

My Very 1st NOTD 07.16.10

Hello :) I have never done a NOTD because well I don't like the way my nails look at the moment.My nails grow so thin,I hate it :( I have to go every few weeks and get false nails from the salon. My nails look horrid now because the last lady did a horrid job with sizing them to my hands :/ they were to big on my own nails! ...but I'm so pleased with the color I came up with I had to post! Does anyone know a nail treatment that might help my nails grow stronger?! Ive tried a load of things and nothing seems to fancy.

I used ..
Base: Mac - Steamy
Top Coat: Mary Kay Signature - White Lace.

I think I got a perfect bubble gum pink! Such a fun color!


  1. I have such thin nails too. And the flake after they get a certain length. I've tried every serum under the sun and nothing has worked. I just keep then short now. I love this color though!

  2. Lovely shade!:D The RAWR made me smile!:D

    I don't know any treatment, sorry.

    Have a great weekend!:D

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  3. cute nails!! :D haha i also love the "rawr" :D
    hmmm.. as for treatment, i think maybe try out some nail strengtheners? i have one thats from nailene called titanium strength w/ green tea.. but considering i have hard nails to start with, i cant really tell if it makes a difference :( sorry! i wish you luck in finding something that works!

  4. I have a very similar problem. I have been using the sally hansen miracle grow nail polish or something like that. It comes in a gold bottle, it been growin my nails!!! My nails grow in really thin and brittle, but they seem a bit stronger now, Idk, if this would help! :)


  5. Oh my nails are awful too from biting them for years, everytime they start to get longer they peel right off :( On a happier note haha I love your nail polish, bubblegum pink is perfect for summer!x

  6. Love the pink nails, I want that shade of pink for my nails, it's so pretty.

    hey I wear reading glasses too! your glasses suit you, my nails are also thin too and the top layer peals, I try vaseline on mine but I'm not sure if it's working because I don't apply it everyday.