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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ms. Makeup Beauty Book - Big Night Out

So I recently got this beauty book in the mail. I used it a few times and I can say I am pleased with it. I love the packaging of the book. I took several pictures of it inside and out. The mirror is surrounded my a disco ball with many colors which was very nice. It catches the eye on the cover with vibrant colors used and personal looking makeup on the girl photographed. On the back it gives a how to, I think this would be great for beginners to m makeup.

I must also say I like the closure on the book it has 4 little Circle magnets at each corner that make it close firmly for no mess and protected product.

Eye Shadows: 
I used some of the calm colors such as the purple & pink on my own lids. They come off a bit chalky if you grab too much as you can see from the picture. They are of great pigmentation though. & a definite + is they blend well. They lasted the 8hours I needed them to without touch ups. However I wouldn't wear them without a good primer & base.

Lip Gloss: 
The lip gloss wore off within an hour...
It is not to sticky it has a smooth application and it leaves a nice tint over my lip color. I wouldn't suggest it for an all day wear rather just a quick fix kind of outing.

I like both blushers that come in the book however I fancy the pink one more then the peachy one because it tends to look more natural on my skin. There is a bit of work needed to blend the colors in but after if applied correctly they look rather nice.

Brush Set: 
I'm not to keen on the brushes included as I am never with products that come with such. But... I must say the bristles on the brushes are rather soft. I like the pink detail on them. They look nice in the beauty book.


  1. I like the pink blush as well.

  2. omg those blushes look gorgeouss! hehe this beauty book thing is really cute :) thanks for sharing!!

    alsoo, you have been awarded the "i heart your blog award"! Congrats! you totally deserve it <3 http://pinkboxmakeup.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-heart-your-blog-award.html

  3. Hey! Thanks for the beauty recipes :) I will try these out right away :)

  4. Splurge looks like a really pretty color.

  5. Nice swatches,
    I like both shades of the blush,
    I'm a blush junkie..lol
    but the packaging looks tacky,
    i personally wouldn't buy it
    judging by the looks & i don't like the whole idea where the pallet comes with lip gloss & eye shadows.. but the blush seem nice. :D
    thx for the review/swatches :D