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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Post Package - Cupcakes & Party Food

I got a package in the post today and I was thrilled! I love the feeling of opening up something in the mail :) (as long as they are not bills hehe) I won these books in a giveaway here from "Suzie Ku" I actually love love love to cook esp new and inventive things so these books will go to their ultimate use! I took some photographs for you all to see. The pictures are delightful! Brightly colored and the cutest things to make and simple!

Information About the book: Easy Cupcakes by Colour

Site Says: The prettiest book you'll ever see.
This is a beautiful book of cupcakes arranged by colour: pink, white, blue, green, yellow and chocolate. The cakes themselves are all simple to make (recipes are at the back of the book) - it's the decoration that sets them apart. Imagine pink butterfly cakes or yellow daisy cakes or a stunning and original wedding cake made from exquisite silver and white cupcakes. No cake decorating experience is necessary to make these impressive and delightful cakes.

Types Of Cupcakes Covered
blue & green
frostings & finishes

Price: £6.99

Information About the book: Party Food Bible

Site Says: Party Food Bible includes more than 140 great recipes for finger food and cocktail bites as well as large-scale dishes, with vegetarian options and lots of sweet treats too. There's sanity-saving advice on planning and preparing ahead, choosing the right type of food for any and every occasion, working out quantities, and creative but fuss-free serving ideas. Add inspirational photos to the mix and you've got the ultimate party guide.

Price: AUD 19.95

Thank you "Suzie Ku" !! x


  1. how cool is this?! i love cupcakes! :D

    p.s. enter my giveaway for a chance to win a cute top! and get a code to get 15% off online shopping! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. lovely post!!! i'm a bit of a cupcake fanatic and the cupcake book looks WONDERFUL!! :)

  3. Cupcakes!! That's my weak spot right there along with ice cream and Starbucks frappucinos. Will you be making some soon?

  4. :D
    looks delicious.

  5. This looks yummy :) I want a cupcake now! xx

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  7. Oh! My....

  8. I have a huge cookbook collection but now I'm tempted to add these two anyway! :) Party food is my favourite kind of food, I love nibblies, I'd eat that way all the time if I could.

  9. sorry I've just found out that you got the package safely :) glad you enjoy them!