“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Monday, May 17, 2010

Working Women

When I go to work I try to look my best and still be stylish. ive pulled together an outfit to try and show you what I would wear on a typical day at work. I got an epost about it and I will be doing a series of outfits to answer the question :) I work in a large company and I am around people all day it's important to look your best I believe and make a great impression. Skirts and dresses are my favorite kind of clothing but I guess slacks would work just as well for work. But it's summer !! Show a little leg ey ;)


  1. wow! those loboutins are to die for. :D


  2. Love this look!

  3. i love it!
    its kind of retro, which i love!!

  4. Ahh the louboutins. I will have them some day haha they are sooo gorgeous x

  5. I love this outfit - it's classy, good for work, but still sexy ^_^ Jacket has a great ripple - I love this type of detail, they do the entire look and make you look stylish. And the louboutins, ohhh ^_^