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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beauty Rush (Wet - Dry Shadows) Review + giveaway!

I bought these from Victoria's Secret on a random trip to buy some Beauty Rush body spray. The colors instantly caught my eye. Come on thats like hanging candy over a child for a makeup addict ye?! :)My thoughts on them are clear. The formula is very silky, they glides on smooth and blend beautifully. They are good quality for the price. Ive had a lot of friends say they get a lot of fall out with these eye shadows, but I never had that problem. I apply a little at a time and build the color and they work nicely. The Shadows last throughout the day on top of my primer,and are nicely pigmented. I am very fond of them. I plan to go back and grab all colors and stock up!! I know these have been out for some time but I just started to wear them a few weeks ago. They are super cheap and I think these would be perfect for someone new to makeup or anyone who just loves a great eye color :)



  1. I have some of the VS eyeshadows as well not the beauty rush ones but these look cute :)

  2. Will definitely check these out!:D

    Have a great week!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. wow! those colors are lovely! :3 hope you can do a FOTD using this pallete. <3

  4. you so deserve it!

  5. Hi there, i've just found your blog and loving it so far. Those look so pretty. I dont think they have these in the UK unfortunately :(

  6. Love the look of the gold one <3 then again, I don't think I could ever NOT like a gold eyeshadow, haha