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Saturday, May 8, 2010

LUSH - Love Lettuce Mask

Site Says: Love Lettuce is a facial scrub and a mudpack that gives skin a fantastic glow. Almond oil, lavender oil and rödalgele softens, exfoliates almond shells and Fuller's earth clay magically conjure away the impurities

I say: I had used a sample of this mask a few months back and loved it, but never got around to purchasing some. Today I went for a little shopping and found myself in that's right LUSH!! Ive used it already tonight along with my shower. Since it contains no preservatives, it must be refrigerated and has the shelf life of about a month.It smells a little "vegetable-y", but fresh. It's very exfoliating. When using it, I apply a generous layer to my whole face, avoiding my eye area.I left it on for 20 minutes, I rinsed with warm water lightly working the mask into my skin in circular motions to allow the almond shell bits to exfoliate my skin.When the mask was rinsed off, my skin felt moisturized, smooth, and sooooo soft. I'll definitely be buying this product in the future !!



  1. i use this too! and i love it! :D


  2. i've tried this. it smells really really good:)
    have you tried the cosmo one too? works great for acne.

    i am now a new follower. follow me too?

  3. I'm excited to try this now! Thanks for the recommendation!