“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Night Out

Pulled By:RenayShanel

My lover and I have a pretty big week next week so when I look for something to wear for a night event I want it to be perfect :) I like the idea always of dresses and heels, I mean it's one way to never go wrong. I wanted to ground the lipstick recently released from MAC "viva la gaga" I think the dress does a great job of it. The simple detail of it makes it classy but does not forget to give you that sexy edge your guy will sure to notice.

When I go out I like to carry only a small amount of stuff. Credit cards, cosmetics for touch ups, and my cell phone of course. I don't need a large bag as I would for work or day time events. I like to carry a satchel for better use. Plus it show cases nicely against the garment you choose :)

I cant wait till my big week with him this will be one of many outfits but hey at least I got one night covered hehe

p.s I have yet to pick my heels for this... hmm so many decisions.


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  2. cute blog girliee!
    im a new follower :)