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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cheap NARS?!

NARS: Five NARS signature shades for creating the perfect pout with serious shine. Wear alone or custom blend to your heart’s (and lips) content. Encased in a sleek, black flip-top box.
Contains: Striptease, Orgasm, Bloodwork, Harlow, Triple X.
Price I found it for!! No Joke --> $25.00

I also got the Dual Ended Lip Gloss - Giza/Boogie Nights
NARS Says: Exclusive! Pairing Boogie Nights and Giza creates a striking dark vs. light contrast of rich, metallic raspberry and pale nectar, for two equally sophisticated looks.
Price I found it for!! No Joke --> $15.00

So Guess what!!: I thought I should post a quick blog and let you all know I found NARS cosmetics at TJMAXX !! They sell them for half the price! I couldn't believe it when I saw the sleek black boxes just sitting there on the shelves screaming to me... BUY ME !! Ive been looking at these shades for a while online and just never got them. I placed them in my "basket" online and never seemed to buy them. I'm glad I held out. The colors are all very pigmented and they look great over lip color. They do the job a lipgloss should. Some people don't like the formula of the lip gloss, maybe they think it's a bit thick. I like it because it lasts long :) I think I might end up going there often to see what else they get in :)


  1. Thats great!!Thanks for the site!!

  2. Awesome! I shall have to be taking a trip to TKMaxx aha xxxxxxx

  3. Aww, so lucky!! Great find. :D

  4. That's amazing! I always hear about people finding amazing makeup deals there I think I need to take a trip over and check it out someday :) xx

  5. Nice! I havn't tried NARS glosses yet maybe I should take a trip to my tjmaxx soon! :)

  6. Great haul. I've seen these at the local TJMAXX as well but didn't pick up any. NARS glosses are too sticky for my liking but I love all their colors.

  7. NARS at TJMAXX!? That's awesome!


  8. Thanks for the info!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  9. Thanks for the tip! I would have never guessed to look at TJMAXX for NARS! :)