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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maybelline Dream Mousse Review

On a positive note I tried my best to show you the up side to this product,the packaging... yeee

Product Details

Like the blush, the shadow comes in a cute little glass pot with screw-on lid. In fact, the only difference is the size, with the shadow coming in a slightly smaller pot with .12oz of shadow. Pricing in stores varies, but regular price is typically $6.00-$7.00

What Maybelline says about Dream Mousse Shadow:

-Scientifically advanced mousse formula blends like a dream and wears like a super-smooth powder.
-The air-whipped texture provides luminous, long-lasting color on eyes.
-Glides on smooth and blends easily for seamless color without creasing or fading.

My Thoughts:

I like the blushers a lot for days where a bit of gold reflex in a blush is appropriate. It gave my cheeks a nice color & had a nice luminous finish. I like the nice whipped texture and found it very easy to apply. I used an blusher application brush to pat on and blend in color to make it look as natural as possible.

I expected a similar experience with the shadow. However, from the get-go I had problems. I noticed that it appeared a bit drier than the blush and it was hard to run my finger tip over the shadow to get some on to apply. It sort of sticks to my finger in a clump of mess. The texture of it was far from mousse-like, in my opinion. Trying to apply this evenly and smoothly, even though I do wear a shadow primer, proved to be a difficult task. I really had to work hard to blend it and get a nice smooth finish. I also noticed it does not go on even and is not what a shadow should look like at all. I tried then to still think positive and just use them as a base... no ladies. Don't. Adding to my disappointment was that this shadow really lacks pigmentation. Once I applied it and smoothed it out, the shade was considerably lighter than it appeared in the pot. I tend to go for a smokey look when using brown or taupe shadows, but this certainly wasn't giving me the look I was going for. Now, I have used a lot of cream shadows and know that many are designed to be layered so that they can provide either a subtle or more dramatic look. But I found that layering more on only caused the shadow to crease and create a chalky look.

The wear I got out of Dream Mousse Shadow was less than satisfactory, too. By mid-day it had faded and the creasing had got even worse. Trying to do a touch-up was just too much to deal with. I also noticed that some of the shimmer from this shadow had migrated to my under-eye region. In fact, I noticed when using this my sensitive eyes started itching, most likely due to particles flaking off and getting in my eyes.

Horrid product. I had 15 pots of blushers & shadows,bronzer. I don't use either of them. I use the blushers once in a greeeeeat while... but all in all it was a waste of time and money. Hopefully a new formula will be put into action.


  1. thanks so much for the review! i've been hearing a lot about this, now i know someone else's thoughts besides what i read in magazines. :)


  2. Thanks for the review. I have a blush and concealer that I really like but haven't tried the shadows. I'm not much for cream shadows in the 1st place so now I'm sure I won't be picking any up!

  3. I am in shock by how many of these you have haha! Ps I tagged you for a blog award :)



  4. I almost got some blushers yesterday because I hear great things about them. I may still go get one just to try it out :) But the shadows I will most likely pass on since they seem to be horrid heeehee. I believe ya all the way I didnt think they were very good to begin with when I tested one out on my hand at the store. Great post! <3

  5. @Ariel Yes like I said i'm a sucker for cute packaging !!

  6. Thanks for your honest review. I'm not really into cream type eyeshadows since I think they're very likely to crease. And, you got so many! >o<"

  7. Congrats on the blog award :) I'm a new follower!



  8. Thanks for being so honest. Great review.

  9. Aaw that sucks, and you wasted so much money on it. I feel the same way, I'm kinda hasty when it comes to makeup shopping, especially when the product looks so cute. :D

  10. congrats on your award! :)

  11. by the way, i wish i had found this post sooner. i recently just bought some of those shadows and was terribly disappointed with them. oh well though. good post.

  12. I've been eyeing the mousse blusher for quite a while! is it really that horrid?? haha..
    Hmm, maybe I'll try it if ever the days where I could waste money for fun comes..
    thanks for the review. Now I can put this in my pending list (and a good deal less important!)