“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Victoria's Secret Holiday 2010

Can you believe it the holiday's are here! This years issue is packed with a gorgeous collection of colors,textures & styles! Every flip of the page was another love! I think they did well with the cover this year. Makeup & hair is flawless, eye catching.

I'm not so fond of animal print but the design of this garment stood out to me. It is very feminine and looks very supportive.

WOW. Look at the detail in this one! Gorgeous minds made this piece. The design and detail definitely hold top spot ,wow factor. I feel like I'm always looking for the right sort of bra for what I am wearing so there is no such thing as to many under garments! Remember that ladies! it's not a want but a need! hehe

GORGEOUS! It looks just like a mini corset. Little things done to the most simple piece are always appreciated in my books.

I'm in love with this coat. The Cobalt Blue is gorgeous to the eye and the style is classic perfect for work or a night out during cold nights. 

They had a few new products featured. I like the lineup of shades shown and the packaging is very cute. I think I might have to take a nosy into VS soon for sure!

Loving the royal purple and the way of the design. very cute.

Who doesn't love free makeup?! Yes Please!

I always get new pj's especially for the holiday's! I was excited with the items shown but then I just all of a sudden had the urge to splurge on a million pair and sit upon the very tip top of them as she is! Good times!


  1. I get the catalog at home and I love everything that is in there but those models look so perfect that I feel I can't fit the garments as them... Nice pics.

  2. oh I love lingerie!! You can never have too much ;) It's a must :D Those bras are to die for... You make me wanna go out and look at cute lingerie ;)



  3. I constantly lust over bras and stuff! They make such nice lingerie!