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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review: Soap & Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths

$6.99 Target

25 Wipes per package

!! This is the first product kind that I have tried from the line and I must say how can I avoid them?
I needed wipes and they stand out in the best way! Gorgeous adorable cute packaging :) I am the type to always tuck things away and have a place for every such thing but I don't mind leaving these out on the counter :)

They carry a nice scent to them very faint. It stays on your face for a short while after making me feel
refreshed and making my skin smell ubber good!

Each piece is well-saturated but not overly so, and the cloth itself is soft and thicker than most wipes I have tried which is nice because you don't get a tear in them while really trying to lift up the makeup from your face. They have a quilt like texture upon them that allow them to really exfoliate my skin, although I don't find it to give the best results perhaps I'm not pressing down hard enough?

 I find them  to be very moisturizing because my skin is so silky smooth after not feeling as if it has build up or soap on it from the wipe but clean and leaving me with my own natural glow.

Makeup Removal:
The cloths remove my makeup with ease, I don't have to work to hard to accomplish this. I like that one cloth takes care of the job :)

I know that the packaging says that it is infused with pore shrinkers which is great for me being that I
have large pores and I am always looking for products like this. I have not noticed a difference yet
but I'll continue to buy them even if they don't do as told.


  1. I also never tried anything from this line. The packaging always catches my eye. They're the only pink pink counter at target. Thanks for this review, it opened me up a little t this line.

  2. i have never tried this before, but it sounds really cool. Wish we had target in Norway :)

    x Christine


  3. i love the packaging. it's so cute ^_^

  4. given you the versatile blogger award =)

  5. Great review, they sound really good. I also looooove the packaging - how cute!

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  7. Thanks for the review! Have wondered about these!

  8. Love the packaging! I want to try these products! But they're not available in Spain (T__T)

  9. I adore soap and glory, it's so vintage. But in my training I got told wipes are the devil and damaging to the skin, so I steer clear now... ♥