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Friday, October 8, 2010

Review: EOS Lip Balm

I finally found myself something Ive wanted for far to long. They are always sold out:( I want the other flavors as well hopefully I come across them soon!

Summer Fruit
Price: 3.99USD
 in case you're wondering, you get 0.25 ounces of lip balm with eos, versus 0.15 in a typical chap stick tube, so you are getting quite a bit more product with this particular line. Almost 2 in 1!! People think this is an expensive product but for what you pay for the average 0.15 is anywhere from 1.50-2.50 so for the extra 0.50 your getting double the amount! very good deal + great topic of discussion!

The packaging is what sold me in the first place!
Ever since I saw these cute little sphere balms I had to get my hands on them! They come in the color of which scent they come in. The texture is smooth &  has a sort of NARS feel to it. They twist off and balm is protected well & have a plastic layer inside the top lid to keep the lip product fresh! They are easy to apply thanks to the little dent in the side of the balm for perfect application :)

I get the best silky smooth application with my balm. I was a bit scared at the fact
some people said they didn't and some said just as I did. The shape makes it fun to apply and only a little is needed to cover my lips. I find it lasts longer than my other balms. Funny saying so because this product is so awesome I find myself putting it on even when I don't need to! hehe I think this may become one of my favorite balms because it moisturizes very well and is not greasy or oily! Awesome right? :)

Yummy! It is not over bearing at all but it smells of sweet fruit, I love the scent very pleasant.

The way the design is for the packaging it stands out so it is never hard to find. I rummage through my makeup bag and feel around for the right product and with this it is always an easy task. It has an engraved EOS on the bottom and top parts. What is your favorite flavor?

It would be all the more amazing if it had SPF protection included. :(

95% organic, no parabens or petrolatum, Yes Please!                    


  1. I agree, having SPF would be so much better!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend, Renay!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. That would make this perfect in every way! perhaps they will add it to the formula in the future :)

    Thank you hun, you have a lovely weekend as well !!

  3. glad you found one! where did u get it?

  4. I love this thing. I wanted it for its cute lil packaging too. My son likes to use it haha. Everytime I whip that thing out in public..people are looking & probably wondering what the heck am I using. My son actually lost mine this week & I got mine at Walgreens, but they sell out all the time. I need to go check Target I guess.

  5. yay! You finally got a hold of one. I absolutely love EOS.

  6. Again, I wish those would be available in Canada near Lypsyl and Chapstick!, they look soo GOOD!!

  7. Love this balm--although overrated, I think it's super cute :D Great review!

  8. the lemon has spf =) it's the yellow one! they sell it at my ulta.. at the front.. where all the little travel mini's are.. check it out if you have an ulta.. =)

  9. Thanks hun! I'll have to look for it :)

  10. good review. i've been wanting to get my hands on the cute little lip balm.

  11. I <3 these!! but i would like to add to ur cons list... if it falls on the floor it has the tendency of rolling away :(



  12. A sentence that does not have SPF, because the smell I had won!

  13. My favourite is the Lemon one, it smells and tastes like lemon sorbet!!

    They are also definitely a talking point when you get it out of your hand-bag too!


  14. Oh this makes me want to try it out :) There's a love/hate relationship with this balm

  15. THERE IS A SPF ONE!!! I found it at Walgreens at the end of summer. It's yellow, the flavor is lemon and it has SPF 15

    xx, Mary