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Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer - Tiki

"We  ♥ our animal friends, We don't test on them"
^^ love that about Hard Candy ;)

Very cute. It is very unique. The top is clear and has a mirror as a border. I took a lot of pictures so you can see the way the design is set. It drops down to the baked product and has a milk white base. On the back it gives information on the product and it explains what it is that is in the product mixture itself. 

 I apply this with a flat top brush for best application pickup. I find that it is a buildable product which is nice but only a little is needed for my desired look. I swipe it above my cheek bones as a highlight rather than a bronzer and down my nose sometimes. It gives pigmented color but sheer is easy to achieve as well. A nice cool highlight but warm enough to add something to the face. It blends into the skin nicely and does not have a terrible amount of fallout.It's packed well into the packaging and leaves the skin with a nice sheen almost a dewey sort of look rather than sparkle. I always get noticed when I have it on people always compliment my skin which is great to hear.    

I thought I should compare since I heard others compare it so it raises question. Baked Bronzer is less pigmented than an MSF, but the color is buildable. I prefer the So Baked Bronzer for my fair skin, I do love my msf's! With one swoop of the brush you can easily get a lot of product with an MSF. Tiki is
more of a little at a time sort.

It's a great product for the cheap price $9.00USD is what I think I paid. It can be used wet or dry, I prefer it dry for a faint color. I've also used it on the eyes as a simple eyeshadow or on the brow bone. 
Works well for any sort of job.

(left) dry (right) dry


  1. OoOO I like this one too this will be my next shade!

  2. ooh this looks really pretty!
    I'll have to try and get my hands on it :)

  3. this looks nice, I am debating on getting more of these (I have honeymoon) but I agree you have to apply it wet to get colour payoff.

  4. Wow it's so cheap and I always love a new bronzer. I love the glow of it!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  5. I love hard candy makeup. This is gorgeous. xx

  6. great review !!!

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  7. looks gorgeous.
    will definitely check it out soon
    great review.

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  9. i really want to try this product :)

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    xoxo Christine

  10. ooh lovely product!!

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  11. It's a gorgeous shade, looks yummy too. Lol.:D

    Thanks for the review and swatches!:D

    ***** Marie *****