“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Haul: Fashion Speaks

(Click) Photographs for better detail.

 I purchased this item about a week ago and I've been meaning to post for some time. I tweeted about it and a few of you asked for a blog post! Well... here it is :) I bought the dress for an afternoon outing. It is very form fitting and is a bit short. It is well above my knees. What new things have you got lately? What styles are you throwing together?

(S.4) Calvin Klein Royal Purple Dress (Macy's) $174.00+TAX

I'll be doing some shopping tomorrow after work. I have to run to the market for my fruits! I'll be shopping  as well to try and grab some more storage for my makeup as well as a few beauty items Ive had my eye on, look out for another upcoming haul! x's

Have a lovely week everyone.


  1. wow, the color of the dress is pure beauty! can we see it on you? :D

  2. love this color where are you wearing this too is it long or short !!!

  3. pretty pretty color!!



  4. Love the colour. Hope you'll do an OOTD post when you wear it.