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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What face mask is best for you?

I use a brush only sometimes when I want to fill every single spot upon my face but clean fingers work just as well. Perhaps using clean hands work better because the warmth of them help for a smooth application :)

Mud face masks or clay face masks are best suited for oily skin. Clay face masks dry up in a short while after application on the face. Such detoxifying face masks open up clogged pores and remove blackheads. They help absorb the excess sebum in the skin to keep the skin oil-free. You will need to rinse them off with cold water and scrub them off your face. The skin becomes free of dirt and circulation in boosted.

Firming masks usually come in cream or gel form. They are massaged into the contours of your face that are looser than you would like them to be. Regular use of such face masks is said to firm up some of the wobbly flesh on the face. Such face masks are used by older women whose skin is losing its elasticity. Firming face masks refine and tighten the skin surface.

Radiance masks make use of vitamins and light diffusers to add glow to dull and lifeless skin. The skin is moisturized and toned to look smooth and young. The complexion appears luminous and glowing.

Hydrating face masks moisturize dry skin and soothe the moisture-starved skin. An emollient face mask must restore natural oils in the skin and provide the hydro-lipid film on the skin.

Peel off masks are usually gel-based. They are applied to the face and then peeled off when dry. Such face masks set to tighten the skin by closing the open pores and smoothening the skin. These masks must be peeled off from the chin and lifted upwards. You can use such face masks to get rid of blackheads, dead cells and facial hair too.

I am a lover of face masks, I use all sorts. I hope this was helpful in helping you find the perfect one :) Any questions just list them below or write to hunnylovins@home.se

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  1. i use mud mask now and then when i feel like my face super oily,i have combination to oily skin,becomes more oily in summer.
    i am hesitant to use it often because i am afraid it will make my skin dry.
    very nice post.
    my kisses to your cute little nephew.my 2 yr old daughter likes the pic which you posted.

  2. wow..i got somuch information frm ur blog,,plz add more abt skin smoothness ,,,here is things abt natural beautytips,,,http://wwwbeautytip.blogspot.com/

  3. Nice review, it definitely helped me!

  4. This is so helpful! Thank you for sharing! <3