“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glamour Magazine: September Issue 2010

Today's Morning Tweet: "I just got my @glamourmagazine in the post ! It's supposed to be their largest issue in 20years! :o !! "

Well first thoughts of the cover. I like the Black and Pink Print. But... I don't like the leopard print chosen for the shoot. I don't like prints of this kind & it would of appealed to me all the more if the spread was done with something other rather.

The jacket in the photograph shoot is brilliant!! I love the detail the large buttons and the warm color selected for the piece. I love these jackets because they are perfect for the Fall & Winter seasons. They allow you to be fashionable rather then hiding your outfit under a baggy coat. With this piece you are displaying your outfit and keeping warm.

This caught my eye straight away. I opened up the magazine and came straight to this. The color applied on for shadow is so vibrant. The overall look is intense! The flower above is beautiful and is the perfect accessory to the photograph.

As the magazine states: 1) To eat a doughnut when you want a doughnut, every last crumb. An apple is just not the same. 2)... To never trust a man in silk boxers 3) ... To move across the country, or around the world, for love. It's also OK to make him move.You re worth it! 4)...if you never felt a "runners high." Unless you mean the high you feel when you stop running. 5) To kindly ask men to stop saying "we're Pregnant" 6) ... If you want to stop hearing about vampires, wizards, werewolves or zombies ever again. Does pop culture have to be a nonstop horror movie? Car chase, anyone? 7)...if there's not a name for your haircut. It's just "you!"

This dress is lovely. I have a closet full of dresses and I am always happy to have another. They are part of my list of happiness :) I adore her hair & makeup as well, Beautiful!

These look amazing. The advertising on these products immediately caught my eye because of the fruit! You all know how much I love my fruit! There were a lot of items i found and already knew of that reminded me that I need to pull out my wish list and add a few things to it. For example I may be the last person on earth that does not own Photo Ready Foundation. I want to try it badly but seem to always forget. In time it will be a part of my collection I'm sure of it :)

I still have a lot to read and see being that there is 420 pages. I plan to read some more during my break at work in the morning :) I thought I'd share my thoughts on the magazine with you ladies being that it is being talked of so much. I wish you all a lovely week!

Tell me if you would like to see future posts like this? yes or no?! I wouldn't want to bore you.


  1. Yea seriously this issue is so heavy. I love the articles in Glamour. It's such a great magazine.

  2. i was all giddy when i received my glamour in the mail because it was so huge! ^^

  3. I haven't had mine thru the post yet :-( Looks good tho! x