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Friday, August 6, 2010

Review: Garnier Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager

Stimulating roll-on + lotion boosts microcirculation. Instantly renews radiance. Smoothes fine lines. Caffeine. Grape polyphenols. Vitamin C. A radiance revolution from nature: Naturally-derived caffeine + grape polyphenols. Caffeine, naturally derived from coffee beans, is known for its stimulating and energizing effect. Combined with vitamin C and anti-oxidant Grape Polyphenols, Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager with its massaging applicator stimulates microcirculation to brighten and awaken skin and smooth fine lines. With a stimulating massage, boosts microcirculation. .


How do I use it?
Stimulate & awaken skin: Roll in circular motions on cheeks, jawbones and chin. Smooth fine lines: roll in circular motions on the forehead and temples.

Is it right for me?
Over time and aggravated by environmental aggressors, microcirculation in the skin decreases. The natural rosy glow of skin fades, and signs of fatigue make skin look dull and less healthy.

Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager is right for you if you want a stimulating daily face massage that boosts microcirculation and instantly brightens skin while reducing signs of aging like fine lines.
• Dermatologist tested for safety
• Gentle to skin
• Allergy tested

Developed by Garnier in collaboration with dermatologists and nutritionists.
After a 1 minute massage: skin microcirculation is boosted. Skin has a natural, healthy glow and a smooth feel. With Continued Use: skin builds resistance against signs of aging and reveals deeper radiance.

My thoughts...

This is really an amazing product. Its in a secret identity as a roller treatment when really its like a high end serum.It is a light on the skin treatment and is beautiful in color. Its a sort of transparent white with a pearl finish to it. It is great for my skin because the product is not heavy and not at all oily. I have very oily skin if I don't select my products well and this one by far is a fantastic choice :)

I wouldn't recommend using it as the site says by rubbing the product on your face for 1minute! You would have way to much product and it would go to waste. It comes out of the item fairly quickly. I don't apply the product with the roller straight onto the skin, I take some product onto clean fingers (a little goes a long way) and smooth over areas. It blends very well into the skin and has such a lovely smell to it :)

I use this at night and before my moisturizer/SPF in the morning. Love love love it. I plan to go buy a backup & a backup for my backup :)

Keep it in the fridge and apply under your eyes, fabulous!

I have even used it as a base for my makeup and it works beautifully !! It's point is to smooth fine lines and brighten and it makes my makeup have a very airbrushed look.

I love it! I like the green color, simple & clean. The top is a snap on white lid with a white roller lid. The front shows the item name and the back lists Directions, contact & Size. The packaging has a very unique shape to it making it easy to apply, Very nice.


  1. I've tried this one and I agree with you, a minute would be too long!:D

    Good review!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

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  2. Great Review & I love how Garnier Products smells! :)

  3. thank you for reviewing it :) looks like a nice buy. ^ ^

  4. Ooh, I am really intrigued. Am going to have to check this out and make a purchase. Thanks for the review!!

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  5. Hi Renay,

    A fan here in the Philippines. We don't have that variant here but what we have is an Eye Brightening Roll On that has the same key ingredient, Caffeine. You just reminded me to purchase it soon! I'm an avid fan of Garnier Light line. Here's my review btw.


    I envy you for having it. Hope we'll have that here too.

  6. Would not have thought to keep my eye cream in the fridge. Great idea!!

  7. Sounds very interesting. I've always thought this is a gimmicky product. Will have to check it out some day. Thanks for the review!

  8. thanks so much for this review. i've seen it advertised and always seen it on the shelf but didn't want to waste money if it was a bad product. i also have oily skin so if you say it works as well as it does, the next time im out ill be sure to pick one up :) now im gonna check out this beautiful fotd underneath this post. ill probably be commenting on that too! :)

  9. I was wondering about this product.

  10. well i haven't tried this. but looks like i will!

    follow me? thanks!
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