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Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: N.Y.C. Lip Sliders "Sugar Collection"

Today at the market I spotted these darling little tins. I was going to buy just 1 but I landed up leaving with 5! They were $2.99 each and I just adore them!

(Left2Right) Sugar Fairy, Sugar Baby, Sugar Coated, Sugar Kiss
So the packaging :) A cute .32oz slide-tin. There’s a handy dandy clear plastic “window” on the cover, allowing you to see inside at the color of the tinted balm. Slides easily, closes securely (some slide-tins don’t close well). The “N.Y.C. New York Color” logo is embossed on the lid underneath the window, and a label on the bottom lists the ingredients. All of them are a very pretty shade of purple.

Not a lot of people like these because you may have to stick your finger in for application. I throw them in my purse and I have a travel lip brush... so that's what I use to apply the balm. The formula is fairly thick, it’ll last awhile, about two hours or so. Just like any other balm it all depends on if you decide to eat or drink.... It is thick when taking from the tin but smooths out on the lips nicely.

They are a bit sheer but they are labeled as "tints" Thats just what they do add a tint to the lips :)

All of the tins carry the same smell,sweet,like sugar.All of the colors have "sugar" in the name of them. Sugar Coated, Sugar Angel, Sugar Kiss, Sugar Baby, Sugar Fairy, Sugar Rush... See the pattern?! The only one I don't have is Sugar Rush :( Hopefully I'll find it some place.

(Sugar Coated,Sugar Kiss, Sugar Baby, Sugar Fairy)
I love liptins... Have you tried these or any others from any other company?!



  1. I was going to get I think sugar kiss because I love lip tints lol

  2. Cute, could you do swatches or are they pretty sheer?

  3. @Stephine opps I don't know how I forgot the swatches!! Ive took a photo of them and placed them in the post :)

  4. I want to see them on the lips! =)
    The tins look cute though but I just don't dig balms in tins much..
    all the colors look good..^__^

  5. hi love your swatches


  6. I like the last 2 dark colors. Pretty!

  7. cuteeeee! sugar kiss is calling out to me! such a gorgeous shade! hehe just wondering.. how are they on the lips? cause i have pretty dry lips :( haha hope they're as moisturizing as they look! :D

  8. Ahhh so cute! I used to have little tins of lip balm like that when I was seven years old!

  9. Wow these are gorgeous! Hopefully I can find them...oh btw, just want to let you know that I nominated you for two awards. (:


  10. These look very cool! and great price too!

  11. super femme and cute! come follow xo

  12. bargain buys, gotta love em. my favourite is the second one you swatched.

  13. hey there! i have these exact same ones on my page! Arent they phenomenal! i love them and glad to see im not the only one!!! ill browse a little more through your blogs later there are some im excited to read! just wanted to follow & quick say hi! :) love your header name & picture on top btw!!! :) xo