“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spread: Better Than Your Dreams

Pulled By: RenayShanel

Today I had a lot of running around to do. The baby shower for my sister is on Saturday and I had to go get everything for it !! (Last Minute as always hehe)
I wore something fairly close to the image above. Tonight the temp dropped and the coat was added however for a summer day just a tank is best I think. I was checking my e post and saw a banner for Gomez and was about to post this straight after. Her makeup goes along swell with this. I will be posting a few photographs from the party in a few days. Hope everyone has the best of times this weekend !! Have fun & be safe :)

Sidenote: I know the flower is random in my pull today...
I ran into a photograph of the roses a friend got me and they put me in a good mood all day. I thought i'd add them in there, as the thought was around me today. (Photograph below)


  1. her makeup makes her look mature but not too slutty either i almost couldn't recognize her until i read the post

  2. I love the heels!

  3. the outfit looks comfy but fabulous! :)

    have fun and stay safe this weekend too! will be looking forward to the photos on your next posts. ;)

  4. Great outfit. I love the tan jacket and the purse!

    Selena Gomez is a cute girl. I like her makeup here, its on the darker side but still pretty.

    Lovely flowers..I havent gotten flowers in forever! :[

  5. Selena looks a bit darker in there, but i like it.
    i followed you. follow back?

    Lovely Curse

  6. i'm so jealous of selena's hair! it always looks so fabulous :P

  7. I wish I could be as fashionable as you =)

  8. this smoothie looks soo yummy !! gonna try it someday :)

  9. this outfit rocks! I love everything especially the black bag!