“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

Friday, June 4, 2010

Spread: I'm a girl in love

Pulled By:RenayShanel

My lover makes sure I wake every morning with a smile upon my face. As I sit here in the coffee shop I've realized the choices for every style piece chosen is based off my mood and well... I'm a girl in love.

I love the shoes. The bow tie detail is to die for and they add a nice pop of color. They are exquisite all on their own.

The dress... speaks for itself.

I can't imagine the world without handbag's. Tragic really. Where would we put our lives ladies?! We can't very well fit them in our pockets hehe

I wish you all a wonderful day or resting night wherever you may be :)

"Take into account that great love, and great achievements come great risk"


  1. I love this set! It really reminds me of something Sookie off of TrueBlood would wear :)

  2. I love the shoes =) so cute


  3. Cute outfit! I agree - I can never leave the house without a handbag. I can't leave my babies at home. Surely that's neglect and illegal? x

  4. Love this set. The shoes really bring out the color of the flower in the dress. For some time now I went without a handbag but then I realized just how much I really needed it lol. I really really really love this set, maybe because I am a girl in love as well lol.

  5. that dress is amazing, as are the shoes

    great post :)


  6. thats such a cute dress and cute shoes !! lovely !!

  7. fabulous post and i love the one below xxx