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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I ran into this site from searching through blogs! OMG I saw the images and instantly fell head over heels in love. Darling detail to each pop is made & the most amazing array of color is selected ! I can't wait to place an order :)

Creativity in items is what makes them unique. These "pops" definitely hold that quality in the best way!

I love them... yes blog family... I'm definitely in love.

In case you have not left my blog yet to hunt these little beauty's down..
I'll have you know I have linked the website at the very end along with the blog and twitter :)The company is based out of London (UK) so great for you if you live there but you can order them as well online www.popbakery.co.uk

Ive been sort of busy lately with the trip coming up moving and trying to sort through some other daily life bits and I hope to get a review and my own pictures of the POPS to you guys soon !!

O' my I just thought of how hard it's going to be to not buy up all of the pops! There are so many to choose from ! I fancy i'll be in a bit of a sticky when it comes to picking only a few :)

WEBSITE SAYS: POP Bakery is the home of the english cake POP. In case you haven’t tried these delectable items, cake POPs are indulgent little chocolate cakes on sticks, which are as scrummy as they are cute! Having worked in chocolate and baking I decided to combine the two and focus all my efforts on these delicious treats. Each little delight is designed and hand-crafted by me, forming a truly unique gift or an innovative party display. We have found the scope for creativity endless and hope you enjoy this website showing the latest from POP Bakery.



  1. I make these cake pops all the time, mainly chocolate and red velvet. I heard about it from Bakerella's blog. You should try making them sometime, it's fun and very easy!

  2. Wow these are very unique and adorable!

  3. You make them!? Really?! You should have a how to or something....

    WOW I think they are great ! I can't drag myself away from the pictures of them hehe

  4. omg how cuteeeeeeeeeeeee ! i could not even eat them lol ill just stare at their cuteness.

  5. @Jess126xo Ye, I think i'd be doing the same thing. i'd be heart broken when they would all gone :(

  6. Yup I do, I'm always a DIY kind of gal especially when it comes to cooking and baking =). I swear I get a sugar high when I make em lol. I've taken some pics of the process of making them. I just haven't uploaded yet but maybe I will soon.

  7. I very much look fwd to it :)
    I guess I could google the process but...

    learning it from a fellow blogger would make the learning all the more special every time I go to make my own batch :)

    I'll be looking out for that post, good day to you !

  8. They're so cute! I'm really tempted to buy some... I wish I was good at baking/decorating!

  9. these are amazing!!! :D


  10. very cute ! awww i'd be sad to eat them xD